That Tesco leaflet in full

In the interests of fairness, and due to the fact that many households in the area (like mine) have not been deemed suitable for inclusion in the leaflet drop regarding the new Tesco development in Brownhills, I’ve now obtained a copy to include here. It consists of a single glossy sheet of fairly heavy gauge, A4 sized paper. I’ve posted the scans of both sides of it below, just click the images to see a larger version. I’m not going to comment on the content yet, I just present this for information purposes only. I send my gratitude to the community-spirited reader who supplied it.

Front of sheet.
Back of sheet.

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  • I’m not sure we really need a bigger tesco but it’s got to better than empty shops looking depressing x

  • 7rin


  • JANE

    We live within walking distance of Tesco yet have received no information watsoever on the planned ‘improvements’. I am all for improvement where needed BUT the current site is big enough for this area already. Shops will be compulsary purchased for Tesco to extend, no doubt, and I just feel its a shame for small businesses these days. What chance do they have? Even the once famous Brownhills market has gone. That is definitely because of Tesco plans.
    The trouble with us lot is that we want a bargain and, unfortunately, small businesses do not have the buying power to be able to offer us the discounts that the likes of Tesco can.
    Not all change is good.

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