Odd things at Chasewater…

I noticed last weekend that some odd, low fencing had sprung up around the dam at Chasewater. At first, I thought it was a rabbit-proof fence (the  material is actually buried at he base) and when I enquired at the Innovation Centre, I was incorrectly told it was about bracken control.

They look even odder in reality. Chasewater last weekend...

They look even odder in reality. Chasewater last weekend...

I should have known that the excellent Chasewater Wildlife Group would have the straight dope on this odd occurrance; from their diary, they state the following:

14th September 2009

‘Over the past week the south end of the dam has been covered with a maze of newt traps which are designed to capture newts migrating to their hibernation areas. Before works start on the dam it must be seen that all efforts have been made to protect any Great Crested Newts.’

And also, looks like work on the dam is moving forward:

16th September 2009

‘The sluice was fully opened this afternoon as a test prior to the planned November drawdown to allow work on the dam to commence at the start of 2010.’

Thanks, guys, that’s really informative and rather fascinating. I’d be interested in more details, if you’ve got them, like who is actually monitoring the newt situation, and what would they do with any evacuees? It’d also be nice if somebody could inform the desk staff at the Innovation Centre the correct facts of the situation. They often aren’t informed of the happenings in the park and they’re the public’s first port of call, as rangers are understandably, not that publicly visible.

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