Sandfields reopens for volunteers today!


Sandfields Pumping Station – a great historic building with immense history and social significance – not just to Lichfield, but to the Black Country. Lichfield Discovered and local historian Dave Moore have saved this valuable asset for the community.

Sandfields Pumping Station champion and public historian extraordinaire Dave Moore has been in touch to share the latest news for local history enthusiasts and members of the Lichfield Waterworks Trust charity, formerly the Friends of Sandfields Pumping Station group – Sandfields is reopening at last!

During the pandemic, the trust has had to suspend meetings and activities like any other such organisation, but with the tentative resumption of normality, the trust have taken the decision to open the station back up and recommence their restoration activities – from this Today, Tuesday 20th April 2021.

Dave said:

Sandfields Pumping Station – Re-opening to Volunteers

Following recent government advice issued through the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, and taking into account the falling levels of new cases of Corona virus, the trustees have decided to re-open Sandfields to volunteers only from Tuesday 20th April. We shall open on a Tuesday and Friday morning from 1000 hours until 1230 hours until further notice.

The pumping station is allowed to open under Covid secure precautions and these are covered by the procedure below. This is similar to the procedure used when we opened up after the last lockdown but now includes advice on travelling and testing. For this reason I would ask all volunteers to read the procedure and determine whether they are confident to return.

We have a great deal of work to do both inside and outside the building, so if you are more comfortable working outside then this can be accommodated. It is because of the amount of work that requires progressing, that we have decided to open two mornings a week. Feel free to choose whichever is more suitable or come on both days, we shall be pleased to see you.

We all hope that we will be able to continue opening up indefinitely but we will monitor the situation constantly and implement any changes that are required.

Procedure for opening the waterworks during Covid 19 Restrictions
  1. A trustee in attendance will be nominated to check that this procedure is followed. Where difficulties arise the Health and safety officer should be informed so that this procedure can be modified if required.
  2. Open up the main access door and the sliding doors in the 60’s building to ensure maximum air circulation.
  3. Position the following signs. “Entry only” at the main entrance. “Exit only” at the sliding doors.
  4. Position tables at entrance and exit, wipe with anti bacterial cleaner and place signing in and signing out sheets on the appropriate tables. Place masks, hand sanitiser and gloves on the signing in table. It is important that everyone wears a mask when inside the building. The trustee in charge will sign people both in and out.
  5. People should be allocated jobs on the basis of one job per person unless the nature of the job allows volunteers to socially distance.
  6. Toilets should be used on a basis of one out one in. After use the toilet seat, rim and washbasin should be wiped down with the cleaner provided.
  7. No preparation or consumption of food or drink is allowed within the building. Volunteers should bring their own refreshments and store them outside. Do not take food or drink into the building. Volunteers are encouraged to take chairs outside and socially distance whilst eating or drinking. All rubbish is to be taken home by volunteers and disposed of at home.
  8. Work will be allowed in the cataract chamber and below subject to a maximum and minimum of two people working provided the small door under the main access door is open to provide a throughput of air.
  9. At the end of the session all volunteers must wipe down their work area and take all rubbish and PPE home to dispose of in a safe manner.
  10. The trustee in charge will store the signing in/out forms and wipe the tables down. They will also check the levels of cleaner/sanitiser/cloths is sufficient for the following week.
  11. Any rubbish/debris/waste not taken home by volunteers should be placed in a heavy duty plastic sack and disposed of accordingly.
  12. Each volunteer should consider their method of transport to and from the pumping station. Car sharing should not be used at the present time.
  13. Volunteers are encouraged to use the free Lateral Flow tests being provided by the government on a weekly basis.
The Trustees would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support during these difficult times.
If you do have any questions, concerns, thoughts, or comments, please do get in touch. Your opinions matter us.
Find Out More

Do pop over to Dave Moore’s blog and check out the history of Sandfields Pumping Station, an almost forgotten gem – the group also has a Facebook page.

Dave is, of course, one of the leading lights of Lichfield Discovered, along with Kate ‘Cardigan’ Gomez from Lichfield Lore.

It’s great to see people like Dave encourage a better attitude to our historic buildings -please do attend if you’re able, it’s sure to be enlightening and educational.


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