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Amateur radio callbook log from the Central Boys School radio club, detailing activities in October 1964. Scan kindly supplied by Tony Hancock.

Reader Tony Hancock (it is raining here, also – can’t be his real name, can it?) kindly sent me this odd bit of Brownhills Central Boy’s School ephemera. Apparently, there was a ham radio club set up for the pupils, run by a teacher caller Mr. Morris, who may well have taught at a school in Hednesford, and traveled to local schools to take radio classes.

This was certainly an international affair, as contact with stations in Finland, Estonia and Italy is listed. Were you a member of this apparently short-lived society? Can you enlighten me about Mr. Morris? Please comment if you have anything to say…

I thank Tony for his wonderful bit of very left-field history. It just goes to show: you can never tell what’ll turn up next…

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  1. martin says:

    Yes i remember the Teacher, Mr Morris, he was a Science Teacher when i was there in the early 60’s,and he started a radio ham club, some times he would hold it during lunch break, and other time’s after School, i was never a member,but some times during the end of class, he would be Transmitting, on the radio
    Happy Days

    • Anthony Brevitt says:

      i also remember Mr Morris i went to that schoo;

    • Keith Jemison says:

      I remember him too. I was in his radio club, and used to go out at lunch time in his Hillman Californian convertible, weighed down with some sort of radio equipment in the back, where upon he would talk on it with his contacts. Sometimes successful sometimes not, it was enjoyable though, and we travel the area many times for a fun lunch time talking to people in distant places, and novel concept at the time. Also he would have us all make crystal radios. He gave us ex army surplus headphones, and all we had to do was buy the little crystal from Mr Cooper in the high street. They cost pennies, and worked well if a little quietly. Trevor Keen got into trouble for drinking the meths in the back laboratory, and I wrote a play, and performed it as a “Radio Play” through Mr Morris’s amplifier system to the rest of the class. I can’t say it was a success but it was fun for me at least. I liked Mr Morris, and wish him well, wherever his is now.

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  4. Clive says:

    The headmaster of central school Mr Massey, sometime in is retirement he became a radio ham. I can remember going over to Aldridge and setting is ariels up for him.

  5. John Hall says:

    Mr Morris was the science teacher from around 1958 and lived in a house attached to the primary school on Walsall Rd Cannock. He practised his hobby from a wooden hut in his garden
    During his time at the school he established a group of enthusiastic pupils who on odd occasions stayed after school and contacted other enthusiasts all over the world.
    My memory of Mr. Massey included his musical skills on the accordion as well as the piano.
    I will try to contact Bonita Clayton as I have a Panoramic photo of the whole school taken , I think in 1962.
    My friends and I get together regularly and I remember (about 3 years ago) bringing out the photograph and trying to name all of the boys (about 300), we didn’t do a bad job in identifying about 75%
    John Hall

  6. BRIAN GALLEAR says:


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