Arthur John Craddock of Walsall Wood: Can you help, please?

This one has me in a bit of a head scratcher. Angie Barnett writes in all the way from New Zealand, referring to a gentleman I have apparently mentioned on the blog.

There’s only one snag. Neither of us can find the reference.

Brook Lane Walsall Wood: Location of a bit of a mystery, it would seem. Imagery from Apple Maps.

Angie wrote:

Good day!

I see that you have an account of Arthur John Craddock, my husband’s half-brother, mentioned on one of your pages. I can not find it though….

He was living at 69 Brook Lane, Walsall Wood. In 1939. I have not been able to find him anywhere before. His mother had died in 1936. He was born a BARNETT.
Any help would be appreciated.

We live in New Zealand and trying to find long lost family from here, with them living in England, can sometimes be a mission.

Thank you, for your time.
Angie Barnett

Can any of the regular family history folk or blog nerds help me here please? It may not be on this blog at all, but maybe on one linked from it. Andy Dennis, are you out there mate? Could this be for you?

There are certainly no shortage of Craddock locally

Thanks to Angie for a good enquiry and so sad I’m unable to offer immediate help. The blog search tools are lousy to be honest but this really isn’t ringing a bell. With over 6,200 posts now it’s quite hard to find stuff sometimes.

Any help appreciated – please do contact me if you can help – either mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com, tug my sleeve on social media or comment below.

Cheers, everyone.

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11 Responses to Arthur John Craddock of Walsall Wood: Can you help, please?

  1. Ann Lloyd says:

    David Oakley remembered a Frank craddock in the same road, stating ‘ A Frank Craddock lived in Brook Lane when I was a youngster,:

  2. Andy Dennis says:

    Present! Will have a look see.

  3. ray share says:

    Frank Craddock lived in brook lane near the church hall his wife was ETHEL he had a daughter

    Jeah and a son John Frank was my sunday school teacher at clayhanger road gospel hall from 1937 until i joined the B B in 1948 a young boy named GODFREY BARNETT lived in new street near the wheel inn on lindon roan

  4. Andy Dennis says:

    Well, I said I would have a look, but all I can glean is:

    1939 Register: 69 Brook Lane, Walsall Wood, born 11 Aug 1935.
    Ancestry has private member photo, says died 23 Aug 1977.
    Public tree on Ancestry has (same dates) birth Wolverhampton, son of Jeffrey Barnett (1909-1989) and Edna Florence Smith (1911-1936), and death Lagos, Nigeria.

  5. Dennis Wright says:

    I worked at Aldridge Brick Tile & Coal Ltd 1951 to 65, we had a fork truck driver named Alfie Craddock from Walsall Wood working there and I would put him in the late 30s for his birthdate, perhaps employment data from brickyard archives might be of help. Dennis Wright.

  6. Jean Willey says:

    I have found this on Ancestry – ‘Craddock, John Arthur of Care of Scene Establishment (Marine Division) 4 Ross St. Paceville Malta died 25 August 1977 Probate Bristol 28 April (1978) £4975 780703000K’. The date of death is very similar to your John Arthur Craddock, perhaps he was based in Malta at the time of his death. On the other hand, it could all be a coincidence and refer to an entirely different John Arthur Craddock!

  7. Sara Stratton says:

    Hi there,

    John Arthur was my paternal grandfather. He was born Arthur John, but his name was changed to John Arthur at some point. He was born a Barnett, but was adopted by the Craddock family, hence all the different names and orders of them. He was in the Military and died during his service in another country and 1977 sounds about right (+/- a year). I have tried to research more myself, but be honest, I have not been very successful on Ancestry. If anyone finds more info, it would be much appreciated. Sorry for piggy bagging off Angie’s post, but you guys did find quite a bit more info than I have managed so far, so I felt like this was my best shot.


    Sara Stratton

  8. Maurice Ivor Birch. 61 Mountford Crescent Aldridge says:

    A Mr Arthur Craddock and his wife used to attend Walsall Wood gospel hall in Coppice Road, when i was a boy, he had a tailors business in Brownhills High Street, and lived in Camden Street, Walsall Wood

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