Looking for the Herriott family please – can you help?

The Herriott family lived in Simmonds Way, Shire Oak in 1998, and may still be there, we’re not sure. Imagery from Google Streetview.

Hi folks – I need a favour please, so if you can help it would be really appreciated.

A blog reader is trying to get in touch with the Herriott family who lived in Simmonds Way, Shire Oak around 1998, please.

This isn’t bad news, there’s nothing wrong and there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

However, if anyone is in contact with the Herriott family, or could ask them to get in touch with me that would be most excellent please.

If you can help, please mail me privately on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail Dot com, or message me on social media – as ever, your absolute confidence is assured. If you comment on this post, I may not approve the comment but it will be read, thank you.

I repeat this is not anything to worry about, but it would be a nice thing to resolve.

Cheers for your help

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