Fit for a queen

What a lovely photo. Linda Horobin as May Queen. Image Kindly donated by Kate Dixon and Linda Whitehouse.

Following Janet Bullock’s wonderful photo posted here a few days ago – which turns out indeed to be the May Queen celebrations at Ogley Ha Infants School in Brownhills – there was much discussion here and on social media about this traditional event, and reader Kate Dixon turned up local history gold.

Kate spoke to her mother, Linda Horobin, who is actually the May Queen in the photo and named many of the participants depicted, and not only that, supplied the above photo of the same group on the same day.

What a wonderful find and generous donation!

Kate Dixon wrote:

An absolutely beautiful school photo. from Ogley Hay Infants in the early 1960s, courtesy of Janet Bullock.

Hi Bob

My mum, Linda Horobin (now Whitehouse), is the May queen on the photo from Janet Bullock posted a few days ago.

My mum says: First girl carrying the crown is Helen Parker (I think). Then me. Behind me I’m not sure of the girl on the left. Girl on right is Anne Plumb(?) There were two more girls behind them, one is possibly Sheila Woodhouse. Can’t see the other one clearly enough (or remember!).

The previous years May Queen is Annette Wheale (not sure if spelling is correct). She had two attendants, the one on the left is Elizabeth Newman, not sure of other one.

Someone mentioned about how the May Queen was chosen. The other children in the class voted. I have other photos and will try to find them.

We have lots of other photos of this day. I have attached one here and will find out some more.

Kate Dixon

I am indebted and hugely thankful to Kate and her mum for this wonderful contribution, and I’m sure readers will have more to say, so please do – either by commenting here or mailing me. BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Once again my huge thanks to Kate and Linda for opening up this window on the past.

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10 Responses to Fit for a queen

  1. Isobel Dams says:

    I was in the same class as Linda and Elizabeth and remember them well. I’m sorry that I can’t help with other names though.

  2. Amazing!
    I was at this school around this time and remember May day.
    There was a song we used to sing there around that time called May time i think?
    I think it went May time May time
    God he made us may time,
    but that’s all i can remember
    John Mainwaring

  3. Local explorer says:

    Dancing the Maypole dance is a Satanic Pagan ritual. Look it up.

  4. Les Bullock says:

    I was Page Boy to Annette Wheale as May Queen the previous year. I remember that we had to parade around the streets near the school as, for some reason, the playing field could not be used. Because of that there was no Maypole dancing that year.
    I still keep in touch with Annette through social media.
    The previous year my sister Susan Bullock (now Woodward) was May Queen.

  5. burntwoodn says:

    Yes, I was May Queen the year before Annette – but I think your official title, Les, was Herald. The year before me, it was Ann Ashmore who had the honour – and it was a great honour (and, now a councillor, it was the first election I ever won). We former May Queens were invited back to the school to celebrate a special anniversary but I can’t remember which anniversary. It was either 1980 or 1984 as I was pregnant at the time, which fitted well with all the pagan fertility rites stuff!

    The song referred to above went –
    May time, play time
    God has given the May time
    Thank him for his gift of love
    God has given the spring.

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  7. Jane Newell says:

    I was an attendant to Linda on that day as well. Jane Mamza i was the one behind Linda on the right, used to live on Lichfield Road, happy days xx

  8. Ray says:

    I have a few pictures of Mayday at Ogley Hay late 50’s early 60’s if interested. I have that same snake belt on and it could be me.

    • BrownhillsBob says:

      Always interested in photos my friend, I’d be honoured and grateful to see them


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