Grass fires at Gentleshaw ongoing 

Stop press: another fire ongoing (Sunday, 9th April 2017, 3pm)

That was quite a fire on Gentleshaw Common. Image posted on Twitter by The Wulfran.

I was elsewhere yesterday afternoon as it’s good cycling weather – but I noticed from social media feeds and enquiries that there was a grass fire on Gentleshaw Common towards the evening.

The best coverage on this seems to be by independent local journalist The Wulfran, and I include their tweets below. Worth a follow if you’re on Twitter. They’re also on Facebook here.

Heath fires are sadly common in dry weather like this, and although it’s easy to blame vandals, such fires are very easy to start accidentally by discarded cigarettes and other means, so take care if you’re out on the commons or heaths locally.

However, if you know of any vandal related activity leading to this or any other fire in the locality – including the horrible one at Coppy Nook playground last week, do contact the police or Crimestoppers.

Given that the deer – at the moment, they’ll be with young, and thus extra nervous – inhabit the commons, any such fire brings the added danger of terrified, bolting deer. One can only imagine the possibilities.

Walkers and cyclists? Don’t smoke in these areas, please. Use a little common sense. We don’t want to see the common devastated again like it was in 1976. Cheers.

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