In tent recollections…

Shire Oak Secondary Modern camping trip at Shugborough in 1967 – a great image from historian Clive Roberts.

Noted local historian and author Clive Roberts has over the weekend sent me a great photo from the early days of Shire Oak Secondary Modern school, now Shire Oak Academy, which sits well alongside the whole school photos of Shire Oak Grammar which have proven so popular.

Clive, a former pupil of the Secondary Modern, was of the earliest intake of the new school, the opening day program of which can be seen in this post here. He said:

Hi Bob

This photo was taken at Shugbourgh Hall in 1967, showing a group of lads from Shire Oak School on a camping expedition.                  I wonder if any of the readers recognize any of the lads?


This is a cracking photo and I’d love to know more about it, so come on current and ex-Wood folks – what do you know please? Who do you recognise?

Clive is a great local historian who’s written four books on the local area – Clive’s latest book ‘The Public Houses of Brownhills Part One’ is still on sale and details can be found here.

What do you know, please? Do comment here or mail me, please: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

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  1. aerreg says:

    what treasures are school photographs are last week i had the priverledge to visit two of our local primary schools what a shock pleasantly i expected beaginners what did i find young ladies and gentlemen wonderful i worked it out nursery is now so advanced that is where the old primary days begin no wooden desk all open plan interesting questions and so mutch respect yes school days have come a long way since 1935 0GLEY HAY so treasure every moment you can by the way i was taurt well ITS ONNY SINCE IVE GOT OLD UN TORK WITH ME FIGERS I COR SPELL HA HA mite go back for a refresha god bless thanks for the memoury

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