Walsall Wood FC are hot stuff, but not smoking.


Walsall Wood FC may be on fire on the pitch, but the stand is safe!

There has been some speculation on social media in the last 24 hours about a fire at Walsall Wood FC yesterday afternoon (Thusrday 5th January 2017) – I’m happy to reassure folk with the following info, which was kindly obtained for the blog by the young David Evans.

After the recent fire at the old Oak Park centre, a certain amount of sensitivity to such matters is to be expected, but there was fortunately nothing to worry about in this case.

From Andy Roper, Walsall Wood FC club chairman, (who was, at the time actually in the clubhouse at Walsall Wood):

There was no unexpected fire at the club – workers were burning waste on the rough ground behind the stand. Nothing to worry about.

Thanks to Andy and David Evans for the help with that.

Check out Walsall Wood FC’s website here.


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