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The Council are off on a jolly (unpaid!) somewhere but they obviously travel in style on the Wolves team coach. Image kindly supplied by Steve Cawley.

One of the most important institutions in the development of Brownhills as a town is one we have scant record of – that is Brownhills Urban District Council, which existed as a separate entity before merger with Aldridge in 1966, the merged Council itself being disbanded in 1974.

Because little survives of the Council’s records which were scattered through various archives and private hands upon the disbandment, all we really have of the BUDC is newspaper reports. That was until now.

Steve Cawley’s father, Trevor Cawley, was a member of the Council for some years and Steve has kindly shared these photos, and wonders if anyone can help with names of the people featured therein?

Steve wrote:

Hi Bob

Hope these get through this time. Attached are a few photos of Brownhills Urban District Council – Brownhills finest –  from the mid to late 1960s.

Two of the photos are taken in the council chamber.

My Dad, Trevor Cawley went on to represent Brownhills on Staffs county council in 1968.

Be interested to see if anyone can name others

Steve Cawley

I thank Steve most profusely for this astounding record of the Brownhills Urban District Council (or, Aldridge Brownhills as it was after 1966) – we’ve not really had anything like this before and it’s an honour and privilege to be able to feature these images here.

Please, if you have anything to add, or recognise anyone, please do comment here or mail me – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.


The guy with chain of office is Keith Whordley who lived in Common Side and was an electrician at the pit, and a labour member. Steve’s Dad in the middle of the bunch on the right. Image kindly supplied by Steve Cawley.


Steve’s Dad on the left he thinks, he believes  they were looking at the heating system for the flats in Brownhills. Image kindly supplied by Steve Cawley.


Steve’s Dad extreme left third row up and in front of him Jonah Deakin. Image kindly supplied by Steve Cawley.


Steve’s Dad second right, front row if I’m not mistaken… Image kindly supplied by Steve Cawley.

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12 Responses to Wise Council

  1. Andy Dennis says:

    In the picture with the bus the man 4th right, glasses, is Jonah Deakin (jnr).

  2. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    a huge thanks to Steve for these remarkable photos
    the fourth photo has Cllr Sam Breeze(Brownhills ) seated far right with Cllr John Lawley(Shelfield) by his side. They both appear in photo no 2. Cllr Fred Burt (Walsall Wood)is standing behind the chairman of the council in this photo
    Photo no 2 shows Sam Breeze, seated.Is that his wife by his side?
    Does photo no 5 show council officers, seen in Brian Stringers 1960s cineflim?
    The photos also show the names of former chairmen of the council..
    I wonder if a) the council chamber still remains intact and b) is the board of chairmen of Brownhills Council is still in existence.

    The Wolves photo shows Sam Breeze near the lady wearing the fox hat. Where was this photo taken?
    kind regards

  3. den says:

    Carlton White is on a couple of the photos.

  4. Fawlty says:

    This is a great find. Many thanks. My Father, Jack Berry was the Buildings Works Manager and is pictured on photo 1, second from right, photo 3, second from right and photo 4, back row second from left.

  5. Richard Buckley says:

    Picture 1 back row under shield Carlton White sat on his left Harold Buckley picture 3 back row left Harold Buckley and Right Carlton White and Jonah Deakin second row on the left. I know some of the other faces but cannot put names to them my father Harold Buckley worked for the council until the late 60’s.

    • Mary Mayo says:

      I worked at Brownhills UDC as Junior Clerk in the Treasurer’s Department from 1969 to 1971. On Picture 1,
      I recognise Mr Wilson (Housing Manager) back row left and next to him seated Mr Wayne the Town Clerk. Mr Bowen (The Treasurer) is standing at the back between the shield and the window.

  6. Clive says:

    Great photo’s Steve, thank you.

  7. Steve cawley says:

    I wondered if the boards showing the leaders of the council annually still existed,are they still in the council house perhaps??

    • David Evans says:

      Hi Steve
      some while ago I engaged the services of one of the local committee to see if the board was still there..very sadly, the search yielded nothing…and, seemingly, the list of chairmen and chairwomen who served the UDC was lost for ever, and perhaps a piece of our history.
      thanks for your question, Steve
      kind regards

  8. aerreg says:

    I think the gentleman seated in front of jonah deakin on the left side of the photograph is norman wayne IE WAYNE

  9. aerreg says:


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