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There has been an extraordinary response to the old Brownhills Gazette issues I’ve been featuring on the blog, and testerday I featured issue 23, from August 1991. So far I’ve run all issues in sequence, but sadly, issue 22 of July 1991 is missing from the collection, so I had to skip it.

This was unfortunate, as reader Fawlty was interested to see the missing archive article featuring the councillor coach trip talked about in issue 23.

I thank David Evans for reminding me that Brian ‘Clayhanger Kid’ Stringer, whose archive David had access to, had scans of all the archive articles separately, including the one from issue 22. What I’d forgotten is he’d sent me the image in question back in November.


So here it is – and I thank all concerned – but particularly Brian for the generous and selfless access granted to his material and to David for reminding me. Cheers lads.

Meanwhile, if anyone has the complete issue 22 of the Brownhills Gazette from July 1991, we’d love a scan, please.


This blog astounds me sometimes. Click for a larger version.


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  1. Fawlty says:

    Many thanks to Bob, Brian and David for this. I recognise Cyril Tomlinson (far right), who used to keep the off licence at Lichfield Road, near Streets Corner. I am also fairly certain that the unidentified man standing next to him is my father, Jack Berry, who was the recently appointed Building Works Manager for Brownhills UDC. Can’t be 100% sure, as the photo doesn’t enlarge in very good quality.

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