Hey up – kitten lost on the Hussey Estate


The lost kitten looks like this cute bundle of fur. Image supplied by Becci.

This is an desperate appeal for help that came in via Facebook this evening (17th October 2014) – Becci Saich messaged me to ask if I could share her appeal to try and find her lost kitten.

If the name seems familiar, Becci was the lady who recently found a dog on the Hussey Estate and worked very hard to try and reunite him with his owners. Let’s see if we can repay her community spirit by finding her wee cat.

If you live on the Hussey Estate or nearby, please check sheds and garages, please.

Becci asked:

Hi Bob

Please help find my kitten – he’s been missing since yesterday at around 5pm.

He is 12 weeks old last seen in Albion Road on the Hussey Estate  – he is only small for his age and looks very similar to this kitten in the picture

Becci Saich

If you find puss, please comment here, mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com, or contact Becci direct via Facebook.

Cheers all…


Please check sheds, outbuildings and garages for a wee lost kitten.

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