Serious accident between car and horse drawn cart near Stonnall

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Lazy Hill and Stonnall – a bad stretch of road. Imagery from Bing! Maps.

Following an incident this evening (Friday, 19th September 2014) a large amount of rumour has been circulating on local social media about the nature of a road traffic accident involving a horse-drawn vehicle on the Chester Road, at Lazy Hill, between Aldridge and Shire Oak.

Please note, there was one cart involved, and no race took place. The baseless rumours circulating are not helpful – please show respect for the injured and please keep comment on social media reasonable and responsible. Speculation isn’t helpful.

My sympathies to all concerned.

West Midlands Ambulance Service issued the following statement at 11:30pm:

Serious injuries to boy and teenage girl following collision between car and horse-drawn cart in Walsall

Friday 19th September 2014 – 11.30pm – Claire Brown.

A collision involving a car and a horse-drawn-cart in Walsall this evening has left a boy and a teenage girl requiring emergency pre-hospital treatment.

West Midlands Ambulance Service was called to the junction of the Chester Road and Lazy Hill in Stonnall shortly before 8.30pm (Friday). Three ambulances, a responder paramedic, a paramedic area support officer, a MERIT trauma doctor and medics from the Central Accident Resuscitation Emergency (CARE) team attended the scene.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokeswoman said: ‘Upon arrival crews found a horse-drawn cart and a car which had been involved in a significant collision.

‘A young boy, who had been riding the horse at the time of the collision, sustained a serious head injury and abrasions to his body. Due to the nature of the boy’s condition, medics took the decision to anaesthetise him on scene to stabilise him. The boy was immobilised before being taken by ambulance on trauma alert to Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

‘A 17-year-old girl, from the cart, was thrown some distance in the collision. Upon assessment medics found she had sustained suspected spinal injuries. She was given pain relief and further pre-hospital care before being carefully immobilised by ambulance staff and alerted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, a regional trauma centre, for further emergency treatment.

‘A man and two-year-old boy, both from the cart, were assessed by ambulance staff and found to have suffered less serious injuries. Both were taken to Walsall Manor Hospital.

‘The driver of the car, a man believed to be in his 70s, sustained a minor head injury. He was also taken to Walsall Manor Hospital as a precaution.

‘Sadly, the horse was pronounced dead at the scene by an emergency vet.’


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7 Responses to Serious accident between car and horse drawn cart near Stonnall

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  2. Edwina, TKevcro – Which bit of ‘Speculation isn’t helpful’ was difficult? – comments are now on full moderation. I would have expected better from two longstanding readers.


  3. Hi Folks – a note to the wider readership, please.

    The vast majority of you are sensible and sensitive, which makes this a caring, respectful community which I’m very honoured and proud to host.

    It is, however, time to make a request.

    Can we please be careful when commenting on legal matters like this and other tragedies?

    There are two families here – that on the cart and the family of the driver -who are going through enough stress right now, without judgment being visited upon them by random strangers who were not witness to the incident.

    The legal situation here, and the facts of the crash are still largely unknown to the general public. Anything non-official that makes allegations or suggests guilt or responsibility is highly irresponsible, both legally and morally.

    I am host and publisher of your comments on this site. I will not hesitate to delete, edit or even bar users who abuse the above position. My reputation, and that of the blog rest on the above, not to mention my own security.

    I expect a degree of responsibility here which the greatest majority of users demonstrate with care and sensitivity, and I’m proud to hose a blog that respects and understands the delicate situation around issues like this.

    Thank you for respecting this.

    Best regards

  4. Any accident involving kids, an elderly person and an animal is heartbreaking. Thoughts go out to all involved.

  5. Mike Stackhouse says:

    WELL SAID, Bob! We all have to been careful of what we say. We criticise the press, but never look at ouselves. Thinking that it’s alright to say anything because it’s on a network!

  6. Joseph Mansell says:

    Hello I’m the boy that was riding the horse I’m coming on well still have flash backs and forgetting things and getting angry over nothink I had a bleed on the brain a broken eye socket with a bleed on the eye socket I had broke all the ligaments and tendents on my leg I had fractured my both knees and broke my collor bone in 3 places

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