Funeral arrangements for Gareth Perrins-Seedhouse

Gareth Perrins-Seedhouse: a remarkable chap.

Following my post a few days ago where I shared the awful news that Gareth Perrins-Seedhouse had passed away, I received a lovely and very kind email from Mick Roseblade, a close friend of the family, who’s also asked me to publicise the arrangements for Gareth’s funeral.

Mick wrote:

Hi Bob,

Hope you can help by publicizing details of Gareth Seedhouse’s funeral:

Have been informed that the funeral will be on next Thursday – 31st July 2014.

The programme of events is as follows:

2pm Service held at St Johns Church, High Street, Walsall Wood
3pm Service at Streetly Crematorium

This will be followed by a gathering at Pelsall Labour Club, Church Lane, Pelsall. (This is on the green alongside St Michael’s Church.)

Hopefully we can give him a good send off.

Kindest regards
Mick Roseblade

I have been awestruck by the genuine love and affection shown throughout the local community for Gareth, and at the sheer volume and sincerity of condolences and care for his family. I know his loss was particularly keenly felt at Walsall Wood Football Club, where Gareth was remembered publicly before their last match.

Gareth was a great man and will be sadly missed.

I appealed for donations on behalf of Gareth Perrins-Seedhouse back in 2012, when, despite his ongoing and grave illness, he ran Shenstone Fun Run, raising a huge total of £7,355.40 for the Teenage Cancer Trust. That appeal has now expired, but you can donate to the Teenage Cancer Trust directly here.

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2 Responses to Funeral arrangements for Gareth Perrins-Seedhouse

  1. Becky T says:

    Thank you for this update and information Bob. Been thinking about Gareth and his family a lot today.

    I was wondering if a lasting memorial to Gareth could be considered in one of his and our beloved parks in Walsall?

  2. Glenys Jones says:

    Bob can you please tell me Gareth parents names I’m sure I worked with his mom my daughter went to school with him thank you

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