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As an avid reader, I’m glad to see that the only independent bookshop for miles around – Southcart Books in Walsall – has got off to a flying start, and is proving very popular with local bookworms and authors.

In order to take the business forward, Scott and Amy, the proprietors of Southcart, have launched a crowdfunding project to help improve and grow the store to provide even more reasons for us not to go to Watersones, and to help build a creative community of authors and customers around a locally owned and lovingly run shop.

Southcart books is in Lower Hall Lane, Walsall, and is a fine enterprise – I wish Amy and Scott all the best, and I’ll certainly continue to pop in and feed my printed word habit.

I sugest all local bookworms do the same, and also to invest in the crowdfunder if they can.

Amy and Scott wrote:


I’m very excited about this, and there’s a real buzz about it too in the Walsall online community, most of whom are avid readers. I wish Scott and Amy all the best in their new venture.

Hello everybody!


The local authors bookcase. Image from Southcart Books.

We are Scott and Amy who, with the help of a small goverment loan, opened the only independant bookshop in our area. Its been so far so good, and have had such an amazing local response from the public and local authors wishing to hold readings and signings.

The only problem is we started with very limited funds and would love to greatly improve our childrens reading room and add more bookcases and also start to offer light refreshments to the public.

Now a little bit of background about us, we are big big book lovers and always had a dream of opening a community based bookshop but I was long term unemployed and amy was bringing up her disabled son and when my local jobcentre asked me if I would consider going self unemployed, I jumped at the chance. With only a small government loan we have taken this project as far as we can, so would really appreciate any help that you, the wonderful public, can offer us.


The children’s room. Image from Southcart Books.

Only last week we held our first event hosting many local authors where they performed readings and signings – it was such a success we would love to do more, even the local press were interested.

We aspire to be very community based and help local and independant authors and artists at every turn, and as the only outlet for this in our area we are expecting a good response, we have allready created the only independant author bookcase for miles around. We would love to add more, plus we have a dedicated childrens room but would like to improve it for all the local children.

We have set up a page here, where you can donate to help us improve the bookshop.

This is really a great cause and if you pledge you will qualify for the following rewards:

  • Pledge £10 or more and you will get a free book and a drink to enjoy.
  • Pledge £25 or more and you will get a free book and a drink every month for 3 months.
  • Pledge £50 or more and you get all the above plus a drink every month for 6 months.
  • Pledge £100 or more, receive 2 free books and a drink every month for 6 months.
  • Pledge £500 or more, receive weekly books and drinks for life!
  • Whatever you can afford to pledge though would help, even if it is only £1.

What your money will be spent on :

  • Redecoration of some areas
  • Four new childrens bookcases
  • Childrens furniture
  • Coffee machine and small display fridge
  • Four large bookcases
  • Centrepiece table
  • Wheelchair ramp

We really hope you can help us with our dreams and ambitions.

Scott and Amy

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