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Fantastic to see Reg online! Click on the screenshot to visit Reg's blog...

I'm surprised and delighted to note there's a rather excellent new blog on the scene, and it features the work of a rather wonderful chap who has previously contributed a huge amount to the Brownhills Blog – Reg Fullelove.

Reg may be advancing in years, but he has a wonderfully contagious spark and still writes poetry and raises money for local charities. You'll no doubt remember I recently bought a 1979 book of his, 'Two Sides of Aer Reg' which I scanned for readers.

Reg also donated and narrated the remarkable 1934 Brownhills Carnival film, and has worked with the young David Evans on other great articles for the blog.

You can read Reg's very popular poem about Brownhills High Street here, and a similar one recalling Lichfield Road here.

Reg's blog has been created by His granddaughter Lyndsey, who's doing a cracking job of it, I must say. She has this to say about 'Aer Reg':

Hi I am Lyndsey, ‘Aer Reg’ is my Grandad. I am very proud of him, his poetry and talks over the years. I always learn so much from him, which I am very grateful for.

I know that through his poetry and talks, Grandad has over the years,put a smile on so many people’s faces and brightened their days, which is one of the best gifts a person can give.

This blog is from a book of his poetry I put together for him last year – but as yet did not have it officially printed (all though many of you will have had copies that Grandad has printed for you).

So for the first time we are going Electronic!

I will update this blog with poems and images from this book plus lots of other little updates on the way! Please respect that this material is my Grandad’s own work and to enjoy it for you pleasure.

If you wish to print or use any of the following blogs for social, or other means please contact first for permission. We can also arrange to send you a printed version.

As will all of the other books my Grandad has published all money raised goes to charity we would like to do the same here (when I work our how to do this)…

I look forward to reading more of Reg's work, and welcome both he and Lyndsey to the online community. Reg has been such a key factor in preserving a lot of unique Brownhills history – it's a joy and honour to feature and promote his work.

Keen-eyed readers will also note that Reg has finished the 'Wind blew down the Watling Street' poem, raised in this recent post by David Evans



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12 Responses to Cherished Reg

  1. Peter says:

    Morning…… Hi Bob, how you keeping?
    Maybe it’s me but the links to Reg’s blog don’t seem to work????

  2. Peter says:

    Thank you Bob, normal service has now been resumed………… All the best


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