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Things are a bit all over the place this weekend, so I thought it might be a great time to highlight the latest post on Susan Marie Ward’s fantastic local and family history blog, Staffordshirebred.

Susan, as ever, writes beautifully about her family, but also about something that is a popular topic here, too – water supply. I’m sure the likes of Dave Moore and Chris Pattison will be very interested indeed in this remarkable post.

One of the things that charmed and pleased me most is the observation Susan makes about her memory of her Grandfather, ‘To me, a shadowy figure, a memory thoroughly overlaid by other people’s reminiscences of him.’ – the observation that often, we don’t remember but embellish based on bias and other’s stories overlapping with our own,  is remarkable.

I wish I could convey the understanding and fact of that phenomena to some other members of the local history community. Our memory is very, very subjective.

If you haven’t subscribed to Staffordshirebred, please do so. Work of this quality deserves as many readers as it can possibly get.

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