A very British afternoon


This indoor, static engine is not steam, but diesel. This Crossley is at the transition point between competing technologies, and drives an electric generator. This engine employs steam-like principles, and the engineering progression between the methodologies of steam and combustion can readily be observed. This engine would have been very similar to the petrol engine employed underground at Walsall Wood Colliery to such unfortunate effect.

It’s been a busy old week, and I had meant to post the gallery of photos I took last Sunday whist visiting the Steam Party event at Klondyke Mill in Draycott in the Clay – I go every few years to experience the sights and sounds of running steam engines, and just to see what new up there.

I’m a confirmed tech geek, but I love the old stuff, too. I like to think that if I was born a century earlier, I’d still be geeky, but over machinery like this. It takes a huge amount of work and expertise to rebuild, maintain and run these orgeous vehicles, and the people that do are fascinating characters with a wealth of knowledge.

The twice yearly ‘Steam Party’ is regular, and the next one is on the 18th and 19th October 2014. It’s well worth a visit, but the entrance fee can be a shock if there’s a few of you; but the fuel alone isn’t cheap and the North Staffs and Cheshire Traction Engine Club need all the funds they can raise.

If you’ve a liking for the old machines – and I know lots of you have – why not pop up to the October event and have a nose around? It’s a fine, interesting and very, very British thing.

I think @TheStymaster would like this. He’s fast progressing from bus fondling to train stroking. Won’t be long now old chap until you’re drinking mild in halves and jotting things down in a little notebook…

And yes, I do hanker after those old roadworkers paraffin lamps. I have no idea why…

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  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    Super photos…love the Sunbeam roadster ..is the cycle a British machine?
    Many thanks
    Kind regards

  2. stymaster says:

    Mild? In *halves* ? No way. The notebook, maybe :-). I very well might go in October and drag <a href="http://www.agm1960.com/wordpress/"@agm1960 along. He’s the train pervert.

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