Walsall Wood v Shepshed Dynamo home match this afternoon is off!


Hopefully, the bad weather will break soon and we’ll get some decent local football in.

Yet again, Bill Shaw has been in touch with the disappointing news that the Walsall Wood FC – Shepshed Dynamo home mach scheduled for today (15th February 2014) at Oak Park has been postponed due to the terribly wet pitch.

Please remember that the clubhouse is still open from 12pm to 4pm for drinks, comradeship and shared moaning about the weather and lack of footy. Please do pop in as with no gate take, your club really does need you!

My ark project is currently progressing well despite my lack of woodwork skills, and I hear Andy Roper is frantically working with specialists to genetically engineer amphibious players for next season. Rumours of a colony of porpoises living by the gate-end goalmouth have so far proven unfounded.

Here’s to some better weather – for the good of The Wood!

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  1. Dave (Eddy) Edwards says:

    Its overspilled from the bowling green

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