Ran like clockwork

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I never bought this one, but have had the scans sent to me. Click to download the whole magazine in PDF format.

Here’s an interesting one for 80s Walsall music fans – a fanzine of the period. I feature these occasionally, as I come upon them in my stash or as they’re sent in. I saw this one, but never bought it at the time. It’s been sent to me by reader Jeff, who supplied no other ID.

You can download a PDF copy by clicking here – not sure the pages are in the correct order, but there you go.

The Clockwork Sossidge Dog (Molesworth and Burgess references, anyone?) was apparently at issue three with this edition. This one seems to have a bit of a Charlie and the Horlicks Overdose bias to it, but has some lovely, interesting and sometimes cringeworthy content. It seems to be by the same producers as Noize Neuze, the ‘official’ publication of Mother, the Walsall Musicians Collective. There are familiar jokes and cartoons, and the graphic style is very, very similar.

Remember, this wasn’t produced on computer, but by hand with a typewriter, Letraset and heavy use of a photocopier. I suspect most of those involved were teenagers. It really is a remarkable time capsule.

For anyone who remembers the febrile atmosphere of the Punch and Judy, Overstrand or Talbot, or who had to walk home from Walsall rather than miss the last tracks from Ron’s Neighbours, this is for you.

Thanks to Jeff for sharing, and if you have any more such ephemera, I’d be happy to share it here.

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