Sweet little mystery

In light of the time of year and the fact that many contributors and readers of this blog are big fans of Susan Marie Ward and her Staffordshirebred blog, I’d like to draw her latest post into the light, involving the Holy Lands, the Nativity, service of one’s country and some rather fine audio clips. If you read nothing else in the next couple of days, read this. It’s remarkable.

Susan is doing great things with her local and family history, and her willingness to adopt audio and photographic formats really is creating some fine stuff. Susan isn’t prolific in her posting frequency, but every one has been a gem and very much worth the wait. Please do take a long look at her other posts if you haven’t already.

If you haven’t subscribed to Staffordshirebred, please do so. Work of this quality deserves as many readers as it can possibly get.

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Click on the screenshot to read Susan’s post

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  1. Happy Christmas, Bob, and all the BrownhillsBobillions! What a lovely Christmas gift to find you had liked and publicised my little effort. Hope you enjoyed hearing Ted’s own voice.

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