Got any questions?

I’m making preparations for this year’s Christmas/New Year quiz competition thing, since last year’s was such a great success. I want to do a section of questions from readers. Get your thinking caps on, and submit me a really good question – as hard as you like.

It can be historic, pictorial, mapping related, or even a question about a blog article – anything at all as long as it’s locally focussed.

This time I’m going to do sections with separate prizes, so non-locals can get a crack at winning, too.

Obviously you’ll need to email them to me, and please do give your best considered answer.

The prizes this year will again be beer, books or other local goodies as appropriate, and I’ll give a special prize for the longest outstanding reader submitted question.

Have a good think and get back to me.

BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.


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