Brownhills Canoe Centre open event today!


Canoeing is great fun for kids and adults alike, and really keeps you fit.

Friend of the blog Bonita Clayton has been in touch from Brownhills Community Association, and asked if I’d publicise an event, happening today at the Canoe & Outdoor Centre in Silver Street, Brownhills.

The Canoe and Outdoor Centre will be open to all with free introductory canoe sessions and lots of great activities. There’s loads to do with the Move Bus (which has been at Oak Park fit & fun days to a great reception), barbecue, kids activities and of course, those free 20 minute canoe sessions.

It’s all happening from 10am-2:30pm today, Sunday, 21st April, 2013. Why not take the kids and find out what’s on offer? It’s good to see the centre gearing up for the summer after recent tribulations, and hope everyone with a potential, or maybe existing interest in canoeing comes along to take a look.

After that, you could always pop up to the Chasewater Transport Show, too.

My thanks to Bonita, and please remember, her enquiry about the history of Irondish is still outstanding…

Canoe Summer 2013

I don’t know who does the Community Association’s graphics, but they make a very good job of it… why not print a copy out and post it up?

Brownhills Canoe and Outdoor Centre

Silver Street


Telephone: 01543 452119

Walsall W58 6DZ

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  1. Andy Dennis says:

    I looked to see if I could attach this to an earlier post about Iron Dish, but none seemed quite right. Anyway, the censuses give no hint of a pub, beerhouse or similar at the Iron Dish. Nor does Kelly’ Directory 1912. Given the proximity of the Boot, Coach & Horses and Horse & Jockey, a fourth pub or inn seems excessive, even for those times. Nearby were the Spring Cottage and Four Crosses, so why another? Maybe it was much older and only remains as a folk memory?

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