Medical history?


Doctor Clamp used to operate out of this surgery, in Brickiln Street, Brownhills. The practice moved to a new building in Short Street in about 1983 and then to the Parkview Centre in 2007. This is now a veterinary practice.

A quick enquiry reaches me from reader Elizabeth Downs. Elizabeth asks an interesting question – Doctor Clamp was a noted General Practitioner in Brownhills, and worked from the Brickiln Street Surgery up until, I believe, the early 1980s.

From what I can tell, Doctor Clamp was a somewhat severe GP, who was regarded with a great deal of respect by his patients and the wider Brownhills community.

Elizabeth asks:

Hi Bob,

I do hope that you can help.

An old school friend has asked me what became of Doctor Clamp’s daughters, and I’m sure that I read something about him on your website, but now I’ve looked and searched and can’t find it. I wonder if you remember anything about it?


Liz Downs.

This is interesting – I don’t believe we’ve discussed this particular GP. We’ve mentioned Dr. Bradford and various other local medics, but not this gentleman as far as I remember.

Can anybody help? You know the drill, comment here or BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.

Just a brief request: Please don’t include the addresses or specific contact details of third parties in comments. If you have them, please mail me instead and I’ll pass them on. Cheers.

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  1. Denise says:

    I used to play with ruth when i was about 8 ,dr clamp lived in ogley road where the homestead nursing home is now ,i lived just down the road from them , i always wondered where they went as i went one day and no one was there .

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