Donate to the Bin Relay and help our boys!

Brownhills copshop. I think there’s a bin due to be placed here – I’ll get confirmation as soon as I can. Photo by John M, and posted on Geograph under a Creative Commons licence.

I’ve been sent the following appeal from top local blog person, council officer and all round good egg Kate Goodall, who in turn, was passed this information for colleagues at Walsall Police.

As long time readers will know, I hold a special place in my heart for our forces, who’ve always been there for us, through thick and thin. I know times are tough, but a small donation can go a long way to making some squaddie’s tour of duty that much more comfortable.

Please give what you can. Thanks.

One of our colleagues here at Walsall Police has a son currently based at Camp Bastian, Afghanistan.

She quickly realised that our boys and girls currently serving out there would benefit from a few home comforts as they are currently working 12 hour shifts in 40 degree heat. We have therefore commenced a drive we’re calling ‘Bin Relay’. We are placing bins within Walsall Local Policing Unit Stations and asking police officers/local residents/local community businesses if they would like to make a donations to this very worthwhile cause. The idea is that members of the Royal Navy will then make the necessary arangements for our boys and girls in Afganistan to receive the donations.

Items required for donations include:

  • Gift Cards/Note Paper with Envelopes (to send a personal message to serving armed forces personnel)
  • Flip Flops (male and female)
  • Moisturisers
  • Personal Hygiene Products (shaving/showering/washing products) MUST BE NON AEROSOL
  • Books/Magazines/puzzle books
  • Biscuits (not chocolate)
  • Sweets (apparently they love Haribo)!!,
  • DVDs CDs
  • Entertainment (Travel Games)
  • Playing Cards
  • Lightweight Leisure Clothing (Shorts/vests/T-Shirts
  • Suncream
  • Summer headwear (hats and caps)

Any donations you can make would be very gratefully received. If you are in partnership with other businesses and feel that they may be able to assist also please feel free to forward this email.

Kind regards

Teri Timmins 5442
Partnerships Officer
101 7881
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