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A remarkable and fine image from Tony Turner, showing the Committee of the Castle Street Club, Tony’s father (Joe Turner) centre back, and Mr. & Mrs. Doody on the extreme right. Click for a larger version. Thanks to Tony for the photo.

I’ve had a lovely email from Tony Turner. Tony, you’ll remember, was born in a cottage at what was known as The Fort in Newtown, Brownhills. Recent historical debates here have focussed on where The Fort was, and whether it’s a conflation with a street known as The Fault, which later became Castle Street.

Tony said:

Hi Bob,

The fault I think is mine.

I had only heard (not seen written) the nickname for Castle Street Brownhills. I believed this to be ‘The Fort’ but looking at the map it must have been ‘The Fault’. Apologies for this oversight.

Tony, it’s not an oversight, and there’s no need to apologise whatsoever!

It appears censuses record both The Fault and The Fort. My understanding as I’ve been following it is that The Fort was a block or terrace of houses near The Fault. Undoubtedly, in my opinion, one is a linguistic corruption of the other. Try saying out load ‘fault’ and “fort’ in what, at the time, would have been a thick local brogue.

Tony continues:

However you expressed an interest in the Castle Club on Watling Street. I recall this was one of my Father’s watering places. The stewards were the Doody family at the time, and the club was run by the Committee. The first attached photo I believe shows the committee, with my father (Joe Turner) tall chap centre back, and Mr. & Mrs. Doody extreme right. Access to the club I recall was via a car width entry between the club and a row of houses. There was parking for perhaps 3 or 4 cars at the end of the entry.

On a different subject, the second attached photograph is obviouslyy a Mines Rescue team. It was taken by Fred Parsons, 45 Mill Street Cannock, so I guess it would be at Cannock Chase No.3, 5, or 8 pithead.

Perhaps the readers could verify or add to these items.

Best wishes

Tony Turner

Thanks for your contributions, Tony, always appreciated. I really think we need to recall all that we can, even if it’s though to be erroneous. It’s only by discussing such stuff that we get to the truth, or and accommodation of the possibilities; it’s all about the oral record, after all.

We’re all taking our community history forward, a bit at a time. Thanks for helping with that, always, always welcome.

An incredible shot of a mines rescue team, assumed to be from the Cannock area, from what I’d estimate to be the early 70s. That looks like a Ford Transit from the period (air louvres and side rib?). Note the Davey Lamp and birdcage – presumably, the bird was only mustered for real emergencies. Can we identify where this was taken, and who is in it? Picture generously supplied by Tony Turner. Click for a larger version.

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  1. Clive says:

    Great photos, thank you Tony and Bob.

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