Up for sale – The Swan Inn, Brownhills, in 1835

Peter ‘Pedro’ Cutler has played another blinder and found this auction advert in the Staffordshire Advertiser of Saturday, 31st October 1835. It advertises the Swan Inn and it’s not inconsiderable estate for sale. This was quite some holding, and would have fetched a fair sum. This ties in really neatly with the previous auction found by Peter, which rather than being on Engine Lane as I thought, turned out to be Swingbridge Farm – adjacent to this property.

It’s worth noting that a rood is a unit of area equivalent to a quarter acre, and a perch is  30 1/4  square yards. Those whacky Romans and their non-decimal measures. Bless ’em.

The mines mentioned were, in all probability, on the land between the inn and the canal – remember the enclosure marked ‘Engine Piece’ on the tithe map? This would be where the Watermead estate is today. Careful when you dig your veg pathes, folks…

I wonder if the Forster mentioned gave his name to Upper and Lower Forster streets in Walsall?





On Tuesday, the 3rd day of November, 1835, at four o’clock in the afternoon, at the George Hotel, in Walsall, in one lot, and subject to conditions as may be then agreed upon;

ALL that compact and valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situated at Brown-hills in the parish of Norton-under-Cannock and fronting to the ancient Road from Wolverhampton to the city of Lichfield.

The ESTATE consists of a well-accustomed licensed PUBLIC-HOUSE, called ‘The Swan Inn’ with a barn, stabling, suitable outbuildings, large garden, and seven closes of excellent pasture and arable LAND, containing together eighteen acres, one rood, and twenty perches or thereabouts.

It neatly adjoins the well known Brown-hills Collieries, and doubtless contains the same strata Of coal and other minerals. The Wyrley and Essington Canal passes conveniently through the Estate, so as to bring it within reach of the best markets. The whole extent of the Farm also fronts the Road from Wolverhampton to Lichfield, and it is situated half way between that that city and Walsall, being four miles and a half distant from each.

Further information may be had from Mr. SMITH, Mine Agent, Highfield House, West Bromwich; Mr. NADEN, Land Agent, Lichfield; at the Office Of Mr. J. FORSTER, Walsall; and from the AUCTIONEER, at the latter place.

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3 Responses to Up for sale – The Swan Inn, Brownhills, in 1835

  1. David Oakley says:

    Hi Bob,
    Your comment about Mr Forster and street commemoration looks quite likely. Charles Smith Forster was both banker and Mayor of Walsall at the time of the sale of the Swan Inn in 1835, he was also the first M.P. in the reformed Parliament of 1832. He married Elizabeth Emery in 1813 (Emery Street) and his son, later Baronet of Lysways Hall (Lysways Street)

  2. Pedro says:

    The wording used in the advert is worth a mention if you are trying to dig up the past and using a search engine.

    Brown-hills and Norton-under-Cannock would probably appear towards the latter stages of the results, if at all. Put them in as they are and you may come up with something which otherwise could me missed!

    Regards Pedro

  3. how fascinating, wonder how much it sold for?

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