Accident this afternoon in Friezland Lane, Shire Oak?

It seems that this afternoon there was a car accident involving a single vehicle at a bus stop in Friezland Lane, Shire Oak. As usual, the rumour mill is in overdrive. PC Richard Stanley, of West Midlands Police, has just made the following statement on Twitter:

Anyone any further information? Please, solid info only, not speculation, but do comment if you have anything to add. I ask that you don’t name anyone for legal reasons.

Thanks, as ever, to PC Stanley, on the ball, on the beat and always happy to help. Top copper.



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2 Responses to Accident this afternoon in Friezland Lane, Shire Oak?

  1. Monkeysem says:

    4 year 11’s (15-16 year olds) were hit by a single vehicle, the air ambulance was called in and there are police around the school :/ one of the kids who were hit are posting of facebook so i think there ok 😀

  2. CatLady says:

    The kids were friends of my sisters and the boy taken to hospital was my cousins boyfriend. Its believed the driver had only got his license that day and was speeding when he hit a speed bump which caused a burst tyre. Also, one of the other boys treated for minor injuries went to hospital the next morning after peeing blood, and it has since been confirmed to be internal bleeding.

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