Where the streets have a name

A map located by Howmuch? of Streets Corner, Walsall Wood, showing plot ownership. We're thinking about 1850. You can see how the crossing got it's name.

Here’s a fragment: a taster. David Evans has been working hard of late on a number of blog-related projects, and one of the things that caught his interest was Streets Corner, in Walsall Wood, and how it took the name of the Street Familywho lived there. Since David has been looking through census records, fellow history wonk [Howmuch?] has found this fragment of map. From his own research, I’m hoping David can date it for us. Note there are a few familiar names noted here that will spark the interest of one or two readers.

As I say, just a taster. More soon. But for now, enjoy this map – it’s a cracker.

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  • D.Evans

    HI Bob
    from the map first. before the school was built and before the Shire Oak Tree was lost. After Mr Arblaster bought land.(.elsewhere in the Wood he bought in 1853 I think ).. After the Cot was added to the double front house in Brownhills Road and after the next double front house was built ( a photo in one of the local history books . David Oakley’s ancestors had moved in.but not moved out ….. .
    Before the Streets thatched cottage was demolished yet before Taylors Row was built on the other corner of the junction….

    That should get readers scanning through the maps you have featured in previous articles, Bob

    Have fun..the washing up can wait a while
    David ( I do have a good idea..just being impish for a while, though!)

    Happy Easter

    • david oakley

      Hi Bob,
      It’s a small world. isn’t it ? but perhaps a little larger than we think ! My own relatives have lived at Streets Corner since the 1800’s and the entrance of an “Elizabeth Oakley” owning at least four substantial plots in the vicinity seemed an unexplained blip Until i received an e-mail from Alison who states” My mum was born Margery Ensor in Walsall Wood in 1928. Her paternal grandmother was Elizabeth Oakley (nee Ensor). Her father was James Oakley”. The Ensor’s are another old Walsall Wood family and the retailing of milk in the ’20’s and 30’s could indicate modest dairy farming in the 1850’s map. There may be an obscure connection but it seems quite remarkable that two families in an sparsely populated Walsall Wood could live almost as next-door-neighbours, bearing the same name, but no relation, take nothing for granted in family history !!


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