It’s quiz time…

I just thought I’d point out that our posh neighbour in Ye Olde City, Lichfield Lore, has another eye-spy quiz set by top local history whizz David Evans, late of this parish. David, readers will remember, had readers of this blog head scratching with a previous Lichfield quandary a few weeks ago.Those of us occasionally (and somewhat recklessly) let into the city without a passport may well like to take part and have a guess as to the location of the features pictured.

While we’re about it, I reckon the Lichfield Lore is one of the best local history blogs around – fun, well written, with a really off-kilter approach. In short, it’s how I think local history should be preserved; while other protagonists of the scene are too busy being serious, po-faced, humourless historians, folk like Kate approach the subject with a warmth, humour and sense of real community involvement. Like her good friend Tamworth Time Hikes, new posts are always anticipated in these quarters.

Later this weekend I will be writing a little about local history and the dangers of the way it’s being explored in the internet age. There’s something that’s bothering me at the moment, and I think I need to get it off my chest… more of that later.

There aren’t enough people enjoying this stuff, and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t. All power to Kate’s elbow, and while you’re over there, read some of her other work. Wonderful, quirky, and personable.

Just part of the puzzle. Click on the image to visit Lichfield Lore...

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