Going clubbing up The Wood

Reader and contributor Daryl Preston has supplied some great material for the Brownhills Blog. Not only did he supply the excellent photo from the Middle Oak (latterly restored beautifully by Lisa Downes), but he appears to be a sporting gentleman, having donated the fantastic images of the post-war pugilists and now these excellent club shots from the history of Walsall Wood Football Club.

I appealed for some ephemera from the clubs’ history some time ago, and ever-obliging research dynamo David Evans knew just the chap to ask. I know Daryl himself is in several of these shots, but I’ll spare his blushes. I’m not actually a footballing chap, so please excuse my ignorance, particularly if anyone famous is pictured, as I suspect may be the case in the first picture. What I know about footy and it’s stalwarts could be written on a postage stamp – my apologies for that.

I’m very interested in the history of Walsall Wood FC. They’re a prominent local side with a massive history, and they are a staple of local life. Anyone with memories of club life, or who can illuminate some of these shots, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am, as ever, indebted to Daryl and David for their generosity of time and spirit.

That’s BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Over ‘ere, son! On me yed…

An important dinner. Recognise anyone? Picture kindly supplied by Daryl Preston.

One from the 1980’s. I’m sure I recognise a few of those faces… Picture kindly supplied by Daryl Preston.

Wonder what the occasion was? New floodlights, perhaps? That stadium was prominent in many a local childhood. Picture kindly supplied by Daryl Preston.

Enjoying a beer - but who were these fine chaps? Picture kindly supplied by Daryl Preston.

A new bar and lights in the 1980’s. Can anyone tell me what the beer advertised on the pumps is? It appears to be branded ‘Federation’ - Not seen that logo before… Picture kindly supplied by Daryl Preston.

There’s that logo again. Anyone know the two guys behind the bar? Picture kindly supplied by Daryl Preston.

Another intriguing group. Oh, how I miss beer in a pint jug with a handle… Picture kindly supplied by Daryl Preston.

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20 Responses to Going clubbing up The Wood

  1. Dave Edwards says:

    Eddie Judge (god rest is soul) far left,second photo from the top.

  2. Nice piece, Bob. The featured beer is, I think, the product of the Northern Clubs Federation Brewery. This was a co-operative set up by working men`s clubs in and around Newcastle-upon-Tyne some time during the 1920`s. Originally they brewed only two ales, “Fed” and “Fed Special” and they were only available in working men`s clubs. The beer was considerably cheaper than in normal pubs and was really rather good.

    In the 70`s they expanded and produced a lager and a mild. I believe the brewery was bought by Scottish and Newcastle about 10 years ago.

    • Thanks, Hippo. You know, no matter how daft the question I ask, there always seems to be someone who knows the answer. Working men’s clubs in Brownhills were a big thing for years, we had 6 or more in a small area. The beer usually was very cheap, and good, too, if I remember rightly.

      Sad that their time passed, really.



  3. Ian says:

    Ray Graydon ~ Unknown ~ Freddie Trueman ~ Tony Butler (BRMB/”on yer bike”) ~ Unknown ~ Him off the telly: Nick Owen

  4. Mick P says:

    In the colour shot of the team in red, the third person standing, from left, is almost certainly Micky Pratt, who was a year or two above me at Shire Oak School and known as one of the hardest kids in the area. I know, he clouted me pretty early on at Shire Oak. Ha! If we assume he’s 16-18 years old in that shot, it would date it to about 1979-81.

    • Andy Roper says:

      It is Micky Pratt, I can name one or two others in the pic Gary Jones great left back, Steve Jones, Kevin Ward, Clive Green I played there to start with when I was 26 so this pic is from around 1984/5

  5. PorkTorta says:

    thepastichippo is spot on.

    Found these old beer mat photos if it’s any help…


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  8. oakparkrunner says:

    The photo entitled, enjoying a beer, the person on the extreme right holding his glass in his left hand is Geoff Woodward. He was the groundsman at the wood for many years. The geoff Woodward stand is a tribute to him. He passed away on April 13th 2008 aged 87. He is also remembered by one of the steel people statues on the corner of Brookland Road Walsall Wood.

    • David Oakley says:

      Before his career as a groundsman, Geoff Woodward was a halfback in Wood’s football time, in the late 1940’s, and played a significant part in the team’s post-war successes.
      Glad to know that he has been commemorated in this way.

  9. oakparkrunner says:

    The picture of the bar in black and white, I think the person on the right is Andy Roper but I am not sure. Andy is one of today’s directors of the club.

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  11. Pat Coton (nee Hodgkins) says:

    In the second photo is Sponsor John Wood from Select Windows handing over a cheque…

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  14. Steve myatt says:

    Iv got a photo and winners medal and cup from1932/33 when my grandfatherplayed for walsall wood. (Fred waltho ). Which i could get printed off and donated to the club. Steve myatt

  15. David Evans says:

    yes please, Steve. I would be very interested to see these if possible
    kind regards

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