Ooh, he was well blessed… but who was he?

OK, I’m asking again. This is still killing me…

Way back at the start of this blog adventure, one of the local history queries I had was about a legendary streaking incident in Brownhills in the mid-1970’s at the height of the streaking craze. At that time, all kinds of streaking incidents were occurring, bewildering and amusing sports audiences and public gatherings alike. The craze, if legend is to be believed, even came to Brownhills.

I’ve talked to several folk about this over the years, who swear it happened. I wasn’t there, and didn’t see it, and the two people I know who knew most about it have now, regrettably, passed on. I don’t necessarily want to know who the guy is or was, but it would be nice to know the detail if possible. Obviously, if you were that man and are happy to share, you’d be welcome. When I originally asked for details, way back in 2009, I didn’t have the audience I do now, and so I feel it’s worth asking again, and this is one of the few longstanding queries on here never to have had a single bite, as it were.

I know the following about the incident. These are not facts, but statements related to me.

  • A man was bet serious money (£50 I think) to streak the length of Brownhills High Street, in the mid ’70s.
  • It was mid-summer and midweek, possibly a Wednesday morning.
  • The man is believed to have been a truck driver, possibly working for Taylors Transport.
  • Sammy Taylor himself may have put up the money.
  • Whoever he worked for, the plot originated at Edward Rose on the Pelsall Road (Taylors were a transport company that operated deliveries from there).
  • It is suggested that two fellow drivers blocked the top and bottom of the High Street off with their wagons to prevent the police from nicking their workmate.
  • He jumped out of a cab at the Station Hotel end of the street, and ran, stark naked apart from boots and socks, to Silver Court.
  • It is rumoured that the gentleman had nothing to be ashamed of, and indeed, could be regarded as rather fortunate.
  • At Silver Court, it is said he doubled back down Silver Street and hid behind a wall where it was arranged someone would collect him.
  • They left him there for some hours as a wind-up.
  • This is said to have made the local papers.

I know about a lad in Queen Mary’s School For Boys who streaked through an assembly in 1974 for a bet, to general amusement. It wasn’t him.

Can anyone help with this? Rumour, legend, anything at all. If anyone rom the Local History Centre is reading this, is there any way of finding out?

If you have anything at all, comment here or BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com – I’d be really, really grateful. Cheers.

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3 Responses to Ooh, he was well blessed… but who was he?

  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    Brownhills HIgh Street at its best! Not the only time revealing moments seem to have happened. I do remember seeing two of Poxons ruddy-faced men in white pursuing a spritely bullock along the entire length of the street . They managed to grab him…. by the middle oak. Women hid their eyes. Men stood to attention and saluted!

  2. tone says:

    I remember the ‘streak’. It was at the time that The Streak song was a hit and I’m pretty sure it took place on a Saturday, it may even of been just before the Brownhills Carnival, (at that time the Carnival started and ended at Brownhills Motor Sales’ yard in Lindon Road) it was certainly a warm sunny day anyway.Your facts are sort of right and sort of not, the streaker was a lorry driver for John Starkey Transport who operated at the time from Brownhills Motor Sales, needless to say, it was Ralph Ferrie who was behind it, not Sammy Taylor. He was taken from there and dopped off at the top of the High St and ran along towards Silver Court, where he was picked up and taken back to Brownhills Motor Sales’ site. I have a vague idea that I might even have a photograph of it somewhere, if I ever find it I’ll forward it. I can remember the man starting off from and returning to the garage.

  3. Mick Collingswood. says:

    I think I may have posted this before !!, I remember the streak well, it was certainly in the local papers and also on the local news, the word was, the
    guy was a truck driver employed by Ralph Ferry, who apparently also put
    the money up for it. There definitely were press photographers there because
    I remember seeing pictures in the Express and Star, suitably edited of course.
    I will have a word with a friend of mine who works for said newspaper and see
    if he can find anything in the archives………….. mick c.

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