A great local history book now available!

I think it's a reissue - the introduction is dated 2005, but I don't recall seeing it before. Either wear, a fantastic book with some great images.

I had a tipoff today from history ferret and all round top sleuth [Howmuch?], who informed me that Downes Newsagents in Brownhills currently had stock of a book entitled ‘A Picture Tour of Old Pelsall, Rushall and Shelfield’, by John Sale and Bill Mayo, at the pocket-freindly price of £6.50. Regular readers and local history aficionados will know that John & Bill compiled and wrote ‘Memories of Old Walsall Wood’, and that Bill Mayo has worked with his wife Clarice on two great Brownhills books, ‘Memories of Brownhills Past‘ and ‘Memories of Old Brownhills’. The last one still seems to be out of print, but the first two are still available alongside the Picture Tour book at Downes’ shop.

Clarice, Bill and John I know to be fine people who’ve done a great work to record the local history of our area, and I thank them for doing so. It’s always good to see their work getting a wide exposure. Local history books are notoriously hard to get hold of, so bag a copy of this one while you can.

Two examples of some of the fine, rare images in the book. I know these will be of interest to several readers here. Please buy the book, it's brilliant.

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  2. gail says:

    hi my name is gail im trying to get old pictures together of the old brownhills to make a colarge for all the residents at brownhills nursing home can any one help me???

  3. Clive says:

    Hi Gail, have a look at the website http://www.aclickintime.co.uk
    there loads of photos on there.

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