Slip sliding away

This old Rushton Bucyrus dragline excavator used to be used in the clay pit. 1:48pm, Sunday, 17th July 2011.

In light of reader Caz’s recent interest in Brownhills clay, and the continuing fascination with the old clay pit in Pelsall Road, Brownhills, I thought I’d draw readers attention to an article that yesterday appeared on This is Staffordshire, website for The Sentinel newspaper covering The Potteries.The article tells the history of company that owns the site – The Potters Clay and Coal Company, or Potclays for short. I’m not sure if the company are still operating from the Brownhills clay pit or not, but the old cranes and yard attract plenty of attention from local photographers. Interesting to see it’s actually quite a large financial concern. It’s a shame that the site in Brownhills is now run down to the point of dereliction.

Picture from 'This is Staffordshire'

Moulded together by 70 years of history

Potclays was founded in 1941 to supply clay to the pottery industry.

It processed clay dug from Brownhills, South Staffordshire, and transported it to its plant at Cliff Vale.

But the recipe of its success can be traced back nine years earlier, when retired Twyfords worker, William Noake, came up with the idea of digging for clay at Brownhills, instead of transporting it from the south of England….

Read more at This is Staffordshire…

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