Sister Dora’s first live gig in 130 years

Posted this afternoon on Twatter by the generally not as funny as it should be @Walsall_CounciI parody account, this hilarious video was originally on Twitvid, but since I can’t embed that in the blog, I’ve transcoded it and uploaded to Youtube. I don’t know where it came from, who made it or where it’s been hiding, but this is a work of comic genius. My compliments to the chef.

Edit: since I posted this, the original author has surfaced, and the folk behind the Walsall Council parody account have uploaded a good version to youtube, which I’ve inserted below. Well done, chaps.

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6 Responses to Sister Dora’s first live gig in 130 years

  1. jim says:

    Thanks bob I have to admit I’m originally responsible for this it escaped my Facebook page a few years ago.

  2. Hope you don’t mind me using it. You haven’t got a youtube or vimeo link to the original, have you? It’s a fantastic thing and very funny. I’d like to see you get the credit…

    Best wishes and a tip of the hat


  3. jim says:

    No Bob I don’t mind to be honest I’m amused to see it resurface after all this time I only ever put it on Facebook and I deleted that and the original a long time ago. I should also state that no offence was meant towards the people of Chuckery in the making of this video!

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  5. Mike Smith says:

    Bob, aren’t there too many orifices between those cheeks?




    Is more anatomically accurate..

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