Irony? What’s that?

With the local election campaign in full swing and doorstepping at fever pitch here in the Northern Wastes, I was stunned to come home this evening and discover my second party candidate leaflet of the season. So far, I’ve had a Tory one, and this risible, miserable specimen from everyone’s favourite little Englanders, the BNP.

They’ve obviously undergoing some kind of identity crisis, as although the candidate lives locally, he has nothing to say about local issues at all. The flyer is quite mild, barely mentioning the favourite hobbyhorses of the far-right, and is clearly a standard issue with space for the candidate’s own text. Sadly, Terence can’t have proofread his and in turn gives an inkling of how much he cares about our council. I wonder, is that the Yorkshire branch of the Majorowicz clan or the Bristol?

If anyone from Labour would like to let us know they’re alive, it would be nice. I can understand the Liberal Democrats being in hiding, but Labour… oh dear.

May 2011 BNP local election leaflet. If you want me to vote for you, at least learn to spell the town name.

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7 Responses to Irony? What’s that?

  1. Andy says:

    The spelling mistake gives an insight into the attention to detail that Tel’s putting into his campaign. The number one fastest growing party is out of date as well.

    Check back to the 2007 elections (their high point) they came second in a couple of Aldridge wards, stood a full slate of 40 candidates in Birmingham and more than 700 candidates nationwide. This time round they’re campaign in Walsall, well it’s that leaflet you’ve got there Bob. They’ve only got 15 candidates in Birmingham and less than 300 across the country.

    Right now they’re a spent force because for a few reasons. Not least is the fact that race and immigration aren’t the live issues, to borrow an American phrase, “it’s the economy stupid” and the BNP are nowhere on it. The only detailed piece they’ve put out is an essay apparently by Griffin about distributism and it’s utter drivel.

    Another problem they’ve got is Girffin’s sausage fingers in the till and the problems caused by the shady Jim Dowson. If you google your name Tel, you won’t get elected but look on the bright side, all your hard work as a branch treasurer got Griffin a new conservatory.

  2. Patriot says:

    . I wonder, is that the Yorkshire branch of the Majorowicz clan or the Bristol? What a rascist insinuation! Just because terry has a polish surname it somehow makes him not British? How low have you left wing marxists sunk! Good to find the only thing wrong with the leaflet was a typo error! And before you ask I’m NOT a Bnp member but I intend to vote to vote for terry!!!

  3. Patriot says:

    Oh an andy you realy make me laugh!!!! Got one word to say to you EXPENSES .looks like labour mp’s got there fair share of our cash!!!!! Vote Bnp not for the fat cats!

  4. Andy says:

    This is a council election, nothing to do with MP’s expenses. That was the election Terry lost last year in Cannock. Do keep up.

  5. Patriot says:

    Yes let’s not mention mp’s expense’s,let’s brush it under the carpet lol!! I am soooooooo sorry for mentioning the FACT that labour mp’s had to pay alot of money(our tax money) back! And were taken to court for theft. Not to mention the state labour left us in!!!!

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