Chasewater from the air

A couple of weeks ago I plugged the remarkable work of local  photographer Barry Carpenter, who uses (amongst others) the remarkable technique of attaching a camera to a kite and photographing the land below. In the Kite runner post, Barry was located on an autumnal Clayhanger Common. I’ve since noticed that Barry has been busy at Chasewater, and the results from that visit have been published in both his Flickr stream and on Panoramio.

Barry is a remarkable talent and a thoroughly creative person. I’m hoping to get round to profiling him soon, but in the meantime, please check out these stunning images.

I thank Barry for his time, talent and generosity in publishing these singular pictures.

Chasewater 2011-03-08_00043

Chasewater 2010-03-08_00028

Chasewater 2011-03-08_00056

Chasewater 2010-03-08_00021

Chasewater 2011-03-08_00060

Chasewater 2011-03-08_00064

Chasewater 1 2011-03-08_00001

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5 Responses to Chasewater from the air

  1. clive says:

    Great photos Barry, keep them coming.
    best wishes clive

  2. Fawlty says:

    Very interesting post Bob. I found this site which may be useful to you in your research ( you may already know about it):

  3. Rose Burnell says:

    Fabulous! Love these! What a good idea! He must have some good quality equipment to take these detailed shots and a lot of confidence in his kite to send it up there!

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