Welcome back – The YamYam returns…


All the news that's fit to print - and Brownhills Blog, too. Splendid.

Just a quick note to point out that popular local news and opinion site, The YamYam has returned. Thanks in no small part to the dedicated work of Mark Blackstock, the curator, @Hapdaniel a real live web wizard and Tim Brown, ace net developer, the site has been wonderfully and spectacularly automated. Once again, Walsall has a one-stop local news service that aggregates local news, sport, blogs and press releases in that familiar, easy to read form we all loved so much.

Since the system is automated, there’s no archive of new material, but the old one is preserved for posterity. I wish Mark, Paul and Tim all the best, and here’s to the new life of an essential part of Walsall’s online community.

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  1. Mark says:

    Thanks for bringing the YamYam’s return to the attention of your readers Bob and as ever for your continued support…

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