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It’s too long overdue, but I’d just like to tip my metaphorical hat in the direction of Godfrey Hucker, better known as Oakparkrunner. Godfrey is a stalwart contributor to The Brownhills Blog – if it’s about our town and being discussed, he usually has something wonderful to add. It may be a remembered name, event or location, a small anecdote or even old photos – Godfrey contributes them all, and often, I must say, with inadequate credit from me. For example, on the subject of Holland Park recently, Godfrey mailed me the following comment:

On the subject of Holland Park, I remember a touring High wire act performing on Holland Park for a few days. I think this was about 1957 or 1958. The company was the Traber-Renz Troupe, and they set up a wire at an angle from ground level, to the top of a tall pole. A motor cycle was then driven up this wire, and various stunts performed whilst at a height, including a trapeze performance on a trapeze under slung from the motor cycle, can anyone else remember this?

Godfrey also supplied a photo in response to my request for pictures from Brownhills Carnival.

Click image to view full size.

The carnival at Brownhills was held on the 3rd Saturday in June. The procession started from outside Walsall Wood Colliery, and went up Brownhills High Street. The only photo I have is of the Ansells float in the procession taken by the Warreners arms pub in the High Street. The building directly behind the float is the old Galleon Fish & Chip shop. The year this was taken is either 1968 or 1969.

Also of interest to the long-distance runner was the post on the subject of Taylor’s Cafe. I never realised that the Pelsall Road building was the second location it had occupied.

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Bob, I refer to your recent article on Taylors Cafe, which I remember well. When I was a retained fireman in the early 1960’s I used to frequent the original Cafe which was located next door to the fire station. This photo ( taken from the Brownhills Pelsall book ) of the old Leyland fire engine parked in front of the fire station building, also shows the original cafe. The White building directly behind the engine is Taylors store with the cafe  at the rear of the shop. The cafe was the end building in Woodbine Terrace and was then re-located to Pelsall road when Woodbine Terrace was demolished to build the new Police Station.

Regular readers will be well aware that he popular local historian runs his own blog, which I’ve plugged before, and I’ve listed a couple of articles below that will be of certain interest to those who love the local history stuff as much as I do. Please do add Oakparkrunner’s blog to your favourites and check back regularly. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Godfrey for his excellent contributions, commitment and knowledge. With dedicated bloggers and historians such as Godfrey and his friend Chasewaterstuff, I feel sure that our local history faces a better chronicled future.

Situated in Chester Road North, opposite Holland Park, and the  Parade road junction, Brownhills Fire Station was part of Staffordshire Fire Brigade with a designated number of South East 5. The double fronted single storied building,  housed two operational appliances, with other vehicles stored inside the rear of the building. It had a large yard at the rear, used for training purposes, with a tall scaffolding tower, for drying hoses…

Read more at Oakparkrunner’s blog…

The Village of Walsall Wood was a thriving community with a Colliery, Railway Station, busy shops in the High Street, and a variety of industries all located around the Church of St Johns. Sadly over the years the industry and retail shopping have gradually declined…

Read more at Oakparkrunner’s blog…

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  1. oakparkpacersrc says:

    Thank you Bob for your post and link to my blog. I have always had an interest in local history, but it was only after chasewaterstuff introduced me to blogging and to your extremely interesting articles on the subject, that I decided to do something about it, and put pen to paper, or to be correct ” finger to button”. Keep up your good work as it is always interesting and memory jogging. It would be a shame for the past to be forgotten. Kind regards Godfrey (oakparkrunner)

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