The Grove Colliery Disaster – details of memorial event, anyone?

I’ve been aware for a few weeks now that there is to be a memorial service for the victims of the Grove Colliery Disaster shortly. Unfortunately, what I don’t know, and can’t seem to find out, is where and when this event is taking place.

I’ve found the excellent post linked below on Chasewaterstuff’s blog, but if anyone could supply the exact details for me I’d be only too happy to post them here.

It’s the 80th anniversary on Friday, and I wish all connected with this awful occurrence the very best.

The Grove Colliery Disaster I received this comment to my blog a few weeks ago, with thanks, and now the date is approaching, I thought that I should bring the event to your attention. ‘I am the grandson of John Brownridge who was killed in the Grove Colliery disaster. The Chronical newspaper dated July 22 2010 gives details of a memorial event to mark the 80th anniversary of the disaster. Anyone interested can phone councillor Alan Paul on 01543 378040 or 07837919972.’ Pic … Read More

via Chasewater Stuff’s Railway Blog

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  1. Janet Whittaker says:

    Hi Bob,

    The memorial service is at St James on Saturday 02 October 10a.m.


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