Pictures from the 7th Annual Brownhills Canal Festival

As usual, I attended the 7th Annual Brownhills Canal Festival today, as plugged here a couple of days ago. Once again, a great time was had by all, the event was well organised and there were plenty of activities for kids of all ages. Attendance seemed slightly lower than normal in the morning, but I suspect that the football had an effect. I’d like to take the opportunity to congratulate the organisers on yet another fine festival.

Stuart Williams, creator of that esteemed organ The Bloxidge Tallygraph, was also in attendance and took a whole bunch of  wonderfully professional photos that clearly outshine my point-and-pray efforts: he commented on my last post with the following message:

Brownhills Canal Festival 2010 Photos are NOW ONLINE:

If you recognise your narrowboat, your stall – or yourself – please feel free to comment and/or leave details!

This selection of photographs is copyright of myself, having taken them in support of the festival. They may be downloaded and used for non-commercial, promotional and personal purposes by the organisers, and by organisations taking part, as well as individuals pictured.

This was a great fun event, congratulations to all concerned! Shame about the England match in the afternoon, I might as well have stayed in Brownhills…


Stuart Williams

Thanks for attending Stuart, and to all other attendees, be they stallholders, entertainers, dignitaries or members of the public, I’d like to say a hearty ‘cheers!’ and wish you all the best. I’m looking forward to the 2011 event already…

View from the pedestrian bridge.

Kids had great fun in the canoes.

Our member of Parliament, Richard Shepherd, managed to find Brownhills. Whether he had to resort to a map to do so is unknown.

One monkeh. Stuffed, rather than knitted.

Boat trips proved to be a popular attraction.

Bonus cat watching the proceedings from a moored narrowboat.

The event got busier towards lunchtime.

Very nearly our man: unlucky runner up in the Brownhills council ward Richard Worrall fights the corner of pensioners with dedication and care.

It was sad to see that despite the popularity of the event, there was little evidence of the involvement of Brownhills' larger traders like Focus or Tesco.

Walsall Town Crier Cyril Richardson rarely succeeds in travelling incognito.

It's great to see Brownhills people out and engaging in a wonderful community event.

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6 Responses to Pictures from the 7th Annual Brownhills Canal Festival

  1. Stymistress says:

    Hi Bob

    We popped in on the way back from our walk and there was a member of staff out from Focus offering a free raffle and 10% of in store if you took you raffle tickets in.

    Just thought you might like to now they made an effort.



  2. Matt F says:

    I didn’t realise we had an MP lol, kidding! Although he does look like he’s just been to Tesco and just dropped by!

  3. Pablo Oplywiss says:

    Is it me or does ‘Tricky Dicky’ Shepherd only rock up at positive/good PR events?

  4. chris morgan says:

    In reply to pablo, you are correct about most politicians!
    For 10 years I organised successful canalside events on the Mon & Brec canal in South Wales, as the events got more popular (free entry too) the local politicians used to call me to see if they could come along, and would check to see if their opposite party members would be there!!
    talk about living off the works of others, they make me sick!
    Now I am moving my boat from South Wales to Longwood Boat Club (April 2011) so look forward to attending Brownhills 2011.

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