World Naked Bike Rider (via ChaseWaterCycle Blog)

It seems there’s been a whole lot of unabashed nudity going on in the cycling world lately, and from reading their blog this evening, even the folks at Chasewatercycle have become unwittingly involved.

World Naked Bike Rider Well I have had a particularly interesting week this week.  Working hard to get everything ready for the start of Bike Week and in particular our Shop Launch Party this Sunday 20th June 2010 at 12:00.  Anyway like I say the week has been full of surprises some highs and lows. But the one thing I never expected to encounter at our little shop at Chasewater was the surprise a customer, who we will call Johnny, to protect his true identity gave me. … Read More

via ChaseWaterCycle Blog

The World Naked Bike Ride is fast becoming a global cult event, and seems to be defying both legality, good taste and sense to hilarious and charming effect. I first heard about it on KBOO Portland’s bike show, the monthly podcast of which is essential listening on the BrownhillsBob iPod. In a few short years, this eccentric and popular event has gone from strength to strength. It’s certainly seems to be causing a stir over at Chasewater…

While I’m on the subject, don’t forget that it’s National Bike Week next week and there’ll be a whole shedload of cycling related stuff going on; there will be events in most local authority areas, including one in Brownhills I mentioned last week. To mark this event, ChaseWaterCycle will be holding a family launch party at their cyclery in the craft centre, Chasewater, on Sunday, 20th June 2010 from 12 noon onwards.

Just some of the fun stuff to see and do will include beer tasting and real ale goodness by the neighbouring Beowulf Brewery, live performance by local acoustic guitarist Phil Souster, plus a fantastic bouncy castle for the kids. There will be Haro BMX demo where potential champs can try out the latest cool bikes, plus lots of fun company and chat. If you’re a certified cycle nut like me, or just curious about getting in the saddle, why not pop down and check them out?

Oh, and don’t worry. Everyone involved will be fully dressed.

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