I’m sure there’s a perfectly innocent explanation

As detailed in his recent comment on this blog, the wonderful Mick P found the following, somewhat interesting image on Google’s Street View. It clearly shows a man, standing by an unmarked flatbed truck in a notorious flytipping hotspot in Green Lane, Walsall Wood. On the back of his vehicle, unsecured, lie what appear to be an old carpet and some waste cardboard packaging. He could be doing any one of the following:

  1. Securing his clearly insecure load
  2. Clearing up after some flytipping with a clearly unsuitable truck
  3. Wondering who stole the rest of his load
  4. Posing for a bit of impromptu Streetview performance art
  5. Contemplating disposing of waste illegally, when suddenly this odd car with a camera on top comes around the corner an catches him in the act

I would implore anyone with a definitive answer to comment below, I’m sure the gentleman was merely engaging in a little community-spirited street tidying.

If you need to report flytipping or any other environmental incident contact Walsall’s Streetpride team online or on (01922) 653344. Remember, flytipping is a crime. If you catch anyone in the act, please take their vehicle registration and contact Crimestoppers or your local police. It’s a bad idea to try and face them down.

Unfortunately, Google has protected this man’s identity so well that we cannot thank him in person. Such a shame.

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11 Responses to I’m sure there’s a perfectly innocent explanation

  1. Jondoe says:

    Hm. Even with his face concealed that body position speaks a million words . . . . “I’ll just pretend I was . . erm? . . . dang this is awkward . . erm? . . . RUN!”

  2. Andrew says:

    I think that he was ‘caught short’ and not doing a dump at all. Have a look at his right arm. What could it be holding?

  3. Dunno, it’s a fair comment.

    Surely though, if he was taking a leak, why would he be peeing up his own vehicle? Wouldn’t he be facing the other way? Wouldn’t the normal instinct to be to turn away from the camera?

    Best wishes


  4. Mick_P says:

    I noticed the potential pee-stance, too. And it’s feasible. But if he’d wanted a pee, he’d just passed a spot to pull in at the entrance to the woods, and here, he just happens to be next to a low part of the hedge, perfect for lobbing stuff over. Yes, maybe I’m reading too much into this, but don’t spoil my Shoestring moment for the sake of factual accuracy and fairness. Next thing, you’ll be saying that those lynchings in the Coppice Woods were beyond all reason.

  5. Margaret says:

    We shouldn’t jump to conclusions or some people may think that Bob is an interfering opinionated fool with too much time on his hands

  6. Robert says:

    Maybe he had been removing rubbish someone else had dumped!

    • That’d be option 2, then…

      It’s an interesting question. Why use such a truck for such an odd, insecure load that would fit in the average dustbin. But then, much flytipped stuff I see would fit in a dustbin.

      I don’t understand a lot of what I see flytipped.

      Best wishes


  7. CAZ says:

    If you go to the actual place, the carpet on the photograph is in the ditch by the side of the road.The carpet, cardboard and also broken fence panels all appeared one day in 2009.
    Perhaps they ‘jumped’ off his lorry while he was making his stop or more probable, he’s one of the low-lifes who regularly dump and cost us tax payers a small fortune every year.
    Another 16-18 bags of rubbish have since been dumped on top. The only consolation is that the nettles are now covering much of the eyesore

  8. Mick_P says:

    Thanks, Caz, for the (depressing) confirmation of our suspicions.

  9. BP says:

    why not add a ‘fly tipping levy’ on all white Ford Transit flat-beds sold? It’s all they are used for. Oh & transporting MOT failures to banger racing.

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