I dream in colour

Clematis, Hints open gardens and flower festival. 2:49pm, Monday, 31st May 2010.
Gone to seed... field of dandelions, Sittles, near Whittington. 5:04pm, Friday, 21st May 2010.
Preparing to cruise down into Allgreave, Axe edge and the base of the Penines on the horizon. 2:47pm, Sunday, 30th May 2010.
Bee hard at work at Hints open gardens and flower festival. 2:51pm, Monday, 31st May 2010.
Climbing onto Morridge through barren heathland. 4:28pm, Sunday, 30th May 2010.
Soft country before the formidable Staffordshire Roaches. 1:39pm, Sunday, 30th May 2010.
Paint the whole world with a... crop sprinkler, near Elford, Staffordshire. 4:42pm, Thursday, 3rd June 2010.
Inspired scarecrow festival entry, Danebridge. 2:26pm, Sunday, 30th May 2010.
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