Heads up, local history buffs… lets make Brownhills history!

Loathe as I am to pump out recycled press releases, especially when they’ve already been featured on The YamYam, but tonight I’ve been reminded of this event by the press office at Walsall Council. Since it concerns Brownhills local history, and is being staged by the top class historical operatives from the Local History Centre in Walsall, what’s not to love?

If you don’t already know about the Local History Centre, it’s in Essex Street in Walsall, and is a prime example of the high quality of Walsall’s Library and Museum Services. I’ve spent quite some time in there over the years and the staff are helpful, knowledgeable and patient. Full research facilities are available, including internet services, and best of all, it’s free. To anyone remotely interested in the history of this place we call home I suggest you get yourselves over there; you’ll not regret it.

Walsall Council  PR 4915    27/04/2010    [For Immediate Release]

‘Make history’ at Brownhills Library event

Brownhills residents are being invited to ‘make history’ by bringing their old photographs to a special drop-in scanning session at Brownhills Library on Wednesday 5 May 2010.

The event follows a successful internet taster session laid on by staff from Walsall Local History Centre in April, where an enthusiastic group of local folk were shown how to discover their photographic heritage online via the Centre’s photographic website ‘Walsall – A Click in Time’.

The ‘Make Brownhills History’ scanning session takes place on Wednesday 5 May from 10am to 12pm.

It is hoped that residents will be encouraged by this latest session to dig out their treasured photographic heirlooms showing street scenes of the town and other local centres as well as aspects of life and work in the area.

During the session at Brownhills Library, pictures will be digitally preserved and added to the Borough Archives at the Centre in Essex Street, Walsall.

Booking is not required for the ‘Make Brownhills History’ session – just drop in with your old photos!

Ruth Vyse, Local History Centre manager said: “The event in April was a resounding success and we hope that this next session at Brownhills Library will likewise draw an enthusiastic crowd.”

To find out more simply call Brownhills Library on 01922 650730.

An example of a fine old Brownhills photo - which I feel sure will be of particular interest to at least one reader. Taken from Jan Farrow's excellent book 'Brownhills and Walsall Wood ion old picture postcards'

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5 Responses to Heads up, local history buffs… lets make Brownhills history!

  1. Richard Starbuck says:

    Fantastic picture Bob 😉

  2. Paul G says:

    another great local history post, did not know about the aclickintime website just spent the last hour on there and its a great site looking at the changing of brownhills. Great to see some pictures of the station too.

    very new to looking at local history but thank you Bob for making it easy to access and the links have been great, will be spending a good few hours looking at the sites now.

    Hope to make it to the drop in on Wednesday my wife has a few old photo of the area from her family.


  3. Me grandad’s chippie!! Cheers Bob.

  4. Dan Slee says:

    Cheers, Bob.

    The Local History Centre is a great resource. So is the A Click In Time website that Paul G has flagged up.

    We often link to it on Twitter but I’m think a seperate release to remind people of it may be an idea.

    Dan Slee

    Walsall Council press office.

  5. Hi Bob,

    Thanks for publicising our little event in Brownhills Library, there wasn’t a huge turnout but it was still very worthwhile – we met some great Brownhills folk, rescued a number of very interesting photos for posterity and made good contacts for more.

    I have also promised to do a photographic survey of Clayhanger, which should be fun :O)

    If anyone else has photos of the area which they think might be of interest they are welcome to contact me at Walsall Local History Centre on 01922 721305.



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