Draining away

Even though the lake is quickly draining, there is still wintry beauty aplenty at Chasewater. The receding shores are giving rise to some interesting changes – including the discovery of wartime ammunition. If you haven’t been up there of late, I suggest you go, it’s a sight to behold.

I should think the cold has killed the terrapin by now - if not, the construction works and lack of water soon will. 4:28pm, Saturday, 20th February 2010.

For the lowdown on the terrapin, click here…

The gulls continue to roost in huge numbers. 5:00pm, Saturday, 20th February 2010.
Soon, the pier will be accessible from the far end. 4:28pm, Saturday, 20th February 2010.
Five red deer hinds were openly loafing by the ruined cottage on the north end of the now barren dam. 3:42pm, Sunday, 21st February 2010.
Spot the heron. 5:01pm, Saturday, 20th February 2010.
Distant shores. 4:44pm, Saturday, 20th February 2010.
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