Down from above…

Tonight’s Express & Star had another feature about Shire Oak Reservoir, this time featuring a rather nice aerial shot of the completed demolition. The article is available online, but doesn’t feature the full photo, which kind of destroys the point of running it. I’ve been taking photos of the  demolition progress for weeks, but since the site has been naturally walled by the former support embankment with only the haul-way at the front for access, photographic options have been somewhat limited, which is why I haven’t posted anything here.

Things to note include the  mention of South Staffordshire Water being ‘…on the brink of a deal…’ – so it’s still none of the E&S’s business, then. The inflammatory tone of language used is also interesting – ‘primed for a major new development’, ‘Transformed into scores of homes’. As to the resident’s comment, I think one or two things may have been more stupid than any development, actually, but there you go. I see we’re still obsessing about the junction, but not obsessed enough to tackle the parking on the Brownhills side.  We can all rest easily in our beds, however, as Councillor Mike Flower’s keeping an eye on it, just to be sure…

By the way, as the History of South Staffordshire Water points out, the reservoir construction started in 1896, and the structure entered use in 1897, not 1893 as the article states. That makes a 113 year history. I note the article online suggests that the reservoir has been filled in – it hasn’t, it’s been demolished. It was a surface structure. It’s always comprehension with you guys at the E&S, isn’t it?

From the Express & Star, 31st August 2009. Click on the article for a full-size version

From the Express & Star, 31st August 2009. Click on the article for a full-size version

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  4. Rob Stobo says:

    I know this is an old posting, but it’s interesting to see the aerial photo of the completed demolition.
    What I am interested in knowing is what did the plans submitted to Walsall council detail as “ what is to be demolished” and what they did demolish……and what they didn’t. Cos there seems to be a substantial underground structure left . It’s under my garden. It’s big enough to park my car there

    • BrownhillsBob says:

      There would have been no specific demolition plan submitted, just a request (which is about public safety).

      Best I can do is contact one of the SSWW historians and see what they say


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