Brownhills Central School: A 1930s mix?

A real treat here today for folks interested in Brownhills Central School and the history of education and schools in Brownhills, and a great addition to the tranche of photos from the same school some decades later sent in by Margaret Hampton: Old friend of the blog Margaret Thompson, now resident in Australia, has sent this wonderful 1930s school photo from Brownhills Central School.

‘Brownhills Central Mixed Classes I and ?’ – a fantastic image thought to be from the 1930s shared very generously by Margaret Thompson. Click for a larger version.

I had no idea Brownhills Central was at any time mixed education. Can anyone shed light on that please?

Margaret kindly sent me this remarkable image and said:


I was sent this image which includes Joyce Birch top row third from the left.  Joyce was born about 1930 so this would be mid 30s I imagine.

Joyce is my first cousin once removed.  I live in Australia but have met Joyce a number of times and also stayed with her in her family at Dartford in Kent.

Margaret Thomson

Again, one thing even at this early stage that stands about this school and its photos is the relaxed nature of the photo: A little different to the usual stiff, stood to attention school images we normally see at this time.

Thanks to Margaret for a wonderful donation which I hope will generate some debate and discussion!

If you can help with any names or memories of this class or school, please do: either by commenting here, finding me on social media or you can even mail me – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.

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  1. aer reg says:

    mylate wife and i were born in1930 1n 1940 i went to the central boys school head master mr wright my wife went to the senior girls school in gt charles street girls school headmistress miss hall may give you some idea when segregation took place

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