More on Ogley Hay 4A!

Ogley Hay Class 4A Prefects. But who, and when? Image generously supplied by Robert Sault. Click for a larger version.

Here’;s a great donation I had in in the last week from long time reader and contributor Robert Sault – a couple more photos of Ogley Hay Class 4A from some point in the mid to late 1960s.

Rob said:

Hi, hope you’re well.

Found another couple of class photo’s from Ogley in what I’d guess would be mid/late sixties.

The larger group is marked Class 4A and the smaller one is 4A Prefects.

May be of interest to some if you want to share.

Best to you and yours

Recognise anyone?

Ogley Hay Class 4A, I’d say on the same day. Image generously supplied by Robert Sault. Click for a larger version.

I thank Robert yet another great couple of photos from this period with other great submissions previously from Malcolmm Kelly and co. – you are most generous and the scans are beautifully executed too, thanks so much.

What do you recall from this pair of images? If you have any thoughts or questions, please do share them – comment here, find me on social media or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.

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  1. Christopher Princep says:

    My main recollection of that school was the headmaster Mr Horton. He didn’t reckon much to me. Well, I eventually studied Law at Wolverhampton University and had a successful carrier as a property Lawyer. I think he probably should have chosen a different career.

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